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What causes neck pain?
Pain in the neck may be caused by a wide range of reasons. Some examples of these include:
Postural neck pain 
Poor posture at work or school can contribute to a straightening of the normal reversed "c" shaped curve in the neck. The forward head carriage, rounded shoulders and tight neck muscles can also cause cervicogenic headaches. In this forward head position the neck joints are placed under more stress than they are designed to take and subsequently can lead to neck pain.
Poor sleeping habits - chiropractic pillows
A good pillow with a contoured middle inner core helps support the natural curve of the neck while supporting the head. Most of us have no such support in our pillows and may therefore not be giving our neck's the best chance of support when sleeping. Investment in a comfortable pillow, preferably one with a contoured inner core is the best advice a chiropractor could give to help sleeping posture. One of the best pillows available is the Complete Sleeper Memory foam pillow which is fully adjustable, so one size fits all.
Uncomplicated mechanical neck pain
Neck pain caused by stiff muscles and joints within the neck can reduce movement and cause significant loss of activities of daily living if not addressed correctly from the offset. Chiropractors provide assessment, diagnosis and management of the neck and can advise on the best course of treatment to help restore normal function. 
Whiplash - Neck pain
Neck pain following injury is commonly associated with whiplash. Whiplash as experienced by those in car accident's is caused by rapid extension of the head, followed by forceful flexion and hyperextension "whiplash". Whiplash following an accident is a medical emergency and should be treated very carefully as there may be a delay in symptoms. It is always advised to seek professional medical help following any accident. if you have been involved in a car accident and think you have whiplash then always tell a doctor, ambulance personnel or other official person at the scene. Physiotherapists and other health professionals can also be of particular benefit in seeking help and advice after whiplash in the event of neck pain.
Insidious Neck pain
Neck pain that comes and goes and has no pattern is said to be insidious. This kind of pain is usually of a chronic nature having lasted more than 72 hours and can be quite debilitating. As with any pain caused by muscle and joint restrictions, the more frequently it occurs, the greater probability that accelerated degeneration and other complications may arise. 
Chiropractic treatment for neck pain for localised, uncomplicated neck pain of musculoskeletal origin may effectively contribute to symptomatic relief whilst also improving range of muscle and joint motion.
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