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Chiropractors can work either individually or collectively as part of a health team in private practice. Above all, Chiropractors are well respected health professionals that provide effective management of mechanical neck and back pain and other conditions including tension headaches. At our Croydon chiropractic clinic, Croydon Sports Injury Clinic we ensure your presenting condition is always professionally assessed and managed in the best and most effective way. We work with athletes martial arts including Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing, Karate and Wing Chen. We help all levels of Croydon Dancers in Contemporary, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop, Street and Funk maintain their bodies at their optimum for performance.

Alternative health and chiropractic assessment in Croydon
Chiropractors form an essential part of alternative and complementary therapies in Western medicine. At our Croydon Chiropractic Clinic we provide conservative, non-invasive chiropractic adjustment techniques for mechanical back and neck pain. Chiropractic treatment for back pain is the choice of many seeking effective relief from their painful back symptoms.

Chiropractic clinics UK- Private Health
Since chiropractic had its humble beginnings in the late twentieth century, it has become accepted as one of the preferred preventative health disciplines for referral amongst medical practitioners and insurance agencies. In the UK chiropractic is also covered by private health funds including, AXA, PPP, BUPA and other major private health organisations.

The introduction of private health available to individuals provides more choice, enabling those covered to benefit from chiropractic care on an as needed basis with the benefits of redemption of monies paid for chiropractic services. The Chiropractic Clinic in Croydon is a private clinic and provides chiropractic assessment, diagnosis and treatment for the whole community and a referral is not generally required*. 

Chiropractic adjustment for relief of back pain
A chiropractors skill in manual chiropractic adjustment techniques is learnt through extensive theoretical and practical training at government accredited Universities. In the UK all chiropractors must be registrered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) which is the National governing body. In other country's like Australia all chiropractors must be registered with
the Australian Regulation Health Practitioner Directory (AHPRA). All chiropractors at The Chiropractic Clinic have succesfully graduated from an accredited University with a doctorate of chiropractic and are registered with the (GCC).  

Chiropractic in Croydon- a first choice
Chiropractic is the first choice for many patients experiencing neck and back pain. Chiropractic assessment, diagnosis and management of mechanical joint dysfunction also helps act as a preventative means to further joint dysfunction. 

Chiropractic and society
The Chiropractic Clinic in Croydon believes that everyone in society has value and a role to play. Medicine, surgeons, hospitals and general practitioners are all essential to society. General practitioners, Musculoskeletal Specialists and chiropractors work collectively in Croydon Sports Injury Clinic and Perth Sports Injury Clinic to provide care and greater alternatives in choice showing that previously different aspects of the healthcare systems in Australia and the UK now work extremely well together. Croydon Sports Injury Clinic helps sports teams, and the general community in co-managemnt of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Chiropractors - a common goal
Chiropractors throughout the world vary in the style and delivery of their adjustment techniques but all have a common goal in reducing pain, improving range of motion and prevention of further symptoms. 

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Our Croydon Chiropractic Clinic provides the South London region with a UK branch of its International after hours chiropractor services. The after hours and International chiropractic services are available when people need us the most 0208 651 4439. The Chiropractic Clinic-Croydon, South London UK, co-ordinates chiropractic services for International travellers in need of after hours chiropractors 24/7 especially those travellling between Perth and London. Our clinics in London and Perth West Australia provide mobile chiropractors on call to help ease the demand for fast effective International business and sports teams globally travelling between UK and Australia.

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