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 If you experience back pain, then we are here to help. Chiropractors can assess, diagnose and manage back pain of musculoskeletal origin. Our profession keeps extremely high standards and we can direct patients that may need other help to the right route if after an assessment they are not suited to chiropractic treatment. See our important tips to look out for when experiencing back pain as you may need to immediately call hospital or a doctor rather than a chiropractor. 
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What causes back pain?

Back pain falls into many categories, each of which have their own history, symptoms and hopefully different approaches to treatment. Here we've outlined two general examples:

Acute low back pain 

Timeframe: Brought on within the preceding 72 hours.

Causes:A) one significant event / trauma can trigger the flare up.
B) back pain can start without any cause due to slow build up of microtrauma.  

Pathophysiology: Muscles and joints within the lower back become restricted and lose normal range of motion, a common symptom of this is back pain.

Chiropractor-low back pain 

Timeframe: Can mean anything lasting longer than 72 hours.

Causes: recurrent, traumatic flare ups of acute back pain that can go on for a long period of time. Muscles and joints become chronically dysfunctional and undergo a process of accelerated wear and degeneration. 

Pathphysiology: The lower back vertebrae have facet joints that act like hinges and they begin to form osteophytes which are degenerative bony outgrowths that can interfere with nerve function. The intervertebral discs between each spinal vertebra can become weaker and develop radial tears. With repeated flare ups and exacerbation of symptoms the nucleus pulposus within the disc can also begin to leak and bulge. Disc bulge and further interference with nerves can contribute to increased frequency of back pain.

Chiropractor or surgeon?
Chiropractor treatment for back pain - chiropractors can help provide relief and treatment for general, acute and chronic backache of musculoskeletal origin.

When suregery is an option
- unfortunately however, there are instances when surgery is the only alternative as a means to symptomatic relief of back pain. 

Chiropractors are well placed to assess back pain and can advise on the best forms of treatment. 

If after an assessment your symptoms fall outside of the scope of a chiropractors services, your chiropractor can help direct you towards the best route for help. Your chiropractor will maintain patient confidentiality but with your consent there are benefits to sharing your patient notes with your GP and specialist to help improve your back pain outcome. 

Other ways to relieve back pain


As a rule it is wise to remember that you should first seek medical non/chiropractic help for your back pain if you experience any of the following: 

  • Back pain that is severe.

  • Back pain that radiates into the lower limb/s.

  • There is associated muscle weakness and altered sensation in the lower 

       extremities with a new onset of back pain.

  • There is a change in bowel and bladder function with onset of back pain.

  • If you have recently lost excessive amounts of weight in a short period of time. 

  • There is a history of cancer.

  • If back pain was caused by an accident or injury.

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